An Essential Guide to Managing Stress in a Busy World

Potential Unlimited Training along with OMNI hypnosis brings to you various international workshops to your city. Our certified programs will open a world of opportunities for individuals who are having challenges in their life personally or professionally; and help make positive impact on their environment while engineering one’s inner self.

Upcoming Workshops

Sleep Talk Parenting


Stressed to Best.


Get rid of painful memory


Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis


Sleep Talk Parenting

Learn Two Minutes Easy Process That Helps Your Child Become Emotionally Resilient (Based On Award Winning Work And Book Of Joane Goulding, Australia)
  • What is Sleep Talk
Sleep Talk is a process that helps parents develop their child’s emotional resilience through the power of positive suggestions. The process creates mind’s firewall which protects against negative suggestions and criticism. It is the best gift parents can give to their child The Sleep Talk TM is a non-evasive, easy to learn and takes only two minutes of your time at bedtime.
  • Who Can Benefit?
The Goulding Sleep Talk Process facilitates positive emotional development of children that has cascading effects on self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth of a child. Child, Parents, Family, Learning Environment and Work environment all can benefit from this process
  • What Does Sleep Talk Help With?
Children and families dealing with a range of issues such as tantrums, trauma, stress and separation anxiety, shyness, poor eating habits, night mares, sleep disturbances, aggression, academics, health issues, concentration, selective mustism, shuttering and much more respond well to the Goulding process. Benefits to the Child
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness
  • The ability to reach goals and move towards full potential
  • Better health and well being
  • Improved Behaviour
  • Increased enjoyment of school
  • Improved concentration
  • Better relationships
  • The Confidence to say no to harassment, drugs, peer group pressure and bullying
  • Better emotionally equipped child before entering crucial teenage years
Benefits to the family
  • A happy home environment
  • Improved communication
  • Less family tension and fights
  • Reduced need for specialist help
  • Better relationship
  • Less sibling rivalry
  • Positivity in the family
  • The Sleep Talk Foundation Level ( 2 hours workshop will cover )
  • What is Sleep Talk
  • Why need Sleep Talk
  • Mind Processes
  • When and how to deliver sleep talk to children
  • Practice Sleep talk in workshop

Stressed to Best.

Rediscover yourself by reprogramming your mind.
  • What is Stressed to Best?

“Stressed to best” is a 3-hour program allowing participants to work through various activities and exercises that focuses on stress elimination. Stress triggers are unavoidable in daily life when you are struggling to keep up with the work-life balance and productivity. Understanding these stress triggers and working on their response is what helps you to get back to your best self. This course recognizes the key to being best is within oneself and focuses on developing the right mental attitude to counter the stressors.

  • Course Outline
  1. What is Stress, a breakthrough scientific understanding
  2. Questionnaire to help you identify stress
  3. How to Recognize when you starting to be stressed
  4. Eliminate your stressor, Creating clear space
  5. Work life balance
  6. Develop life style skill to support your stress response
  7. Learn to relax with relaxing technique
  8. Learn Stressed to Best
  9. How to remain more positive about your life
  • This program is for you, if you are experiencing the following.
  1. Attention deficiency
  2. Lack of Enthusiasm
  3. Anxiety and Nervousness
  4. Procrastination
  5. Lack of productivity at work
  6. Lower Turn-around time at work
  7. Hypertension and Diabetes life style
  8. Lethargy and feeling of burn out
  9. Weight issues


  • What does ‘Stressed to Best’ help with?
  1. Facing unfavourable situations.
  2. Staying happy and healthy.
  3. Dealing with unrealistic expectations.
  4. Understanding yourself and others.
  5. Fixing metal attitude and perception. 
  6. How to keep calm and be in control.

Freedom from bad memories

Let the past remain in the past
  • Workshop Info

It’s a comprehensive self-development workshop to know how one’s memory works and how it can be conditioned to avoid happiness in our lives. Once you understand that memory is not a fixed object, you will easily learn the language – which memory is susceptible to. You can change it as far as you can by addressing the emotions and thoughts you attach to them are concerned.

With NLP and Hypnosis techniques memory can be influenced by suggestion, sometimes without you even knowing it. This process is the core take away of this program – it teaches you a viable and proven way to help a person of any post-traumatic stress.

 This program is for you, if you have

  1. flashbacks of the violent experience
  2. Recurring nightmares
  3. Anxiety
  4. Constant anger
  5. New and unexplained phobias
  6. Sleep disturbances
  7. Chronic body pain
  8. Chronic stress
  9. Memory loss
  10. Loss of concentration
  •  Benefits from the Workshop
  1. Realize the power from within.
  2. You take control of your life
  3. Freedom of negative memories and emotions
  4. Freedom from anger, guilt, shame and fears
  • Outline of the workshop
  1. What is memory and how it works
  2. Decoding subconscious mind
  3. Biology of belief
  4. How we can unlearn and relearn, faster
  5. Anchoring
  6. Hypnotic releasing of negative emotions
  7. Power of positivity

Neuro Linguistic hypnosis

New Age Technology of Excellence
  • Workshop Info

All over the world, there is a shift taking place in the way in which people look at mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This 6-hour workshop facilitates both NLP and Hypnosis strategies that are contributory in understanding self and the power of subconscious healing, setting the direction to achieving one’s own goals. 

While NLP guides the individual in learning from their own experiences of success and failure while modeling a proven process set-up by masters of NLP; Hypnosis, on the other hand, is more directional – it’s about guiding individuals to a deeper level of understanding self and others. This workshop puts individuals in an ideal position of fully appreciating what they already have and moving towards something better. The workshop is designed for you to learn and practice beginners NLP and hypnosis.

  • Course outline
  1. History of Hypnosis
  2. What is hypnosis
  3. Hypnotic Rules of the mind
  4. Mind model – understanding conscious and subconscious minds
  5. NLP and Hypnosis, learning styles
  6. Language of Suggestibility
  7. How to ask questions
  8. Muscle testing
  9. How to create the Hypnotic State
  10. Awakening Techniques
  11. Self-Hypnosis
  • This workshop is for you, if you are…..
  1. Self-development
  2. Learning emotional intelligence
  3. Knowing about hypnosis
  4. Career in Hypnosis
  5. Add Hypnosis skill to the healing practice
  • What to expect out of this program

In this one-day workshop, you will learn basics of Neuro-Linguistic science – understand the use of words, its impact on the body and mind, how your mind works and develops, what are your learning styles. Also, you will begin to understand hypnosis content – what it is, how to hypnotize someone and emerge them, basic tools in hypnosis. The highlight of this workshop is Self-Hypnosis practice. This program helps you enhance your emotional intelligence.